Security System Monitoring

After your home is secured it's crucial to make sure your property is under the supervision of a 24/7 security monitoring company. Once you've installed your alarm system it's easy to get complacent about alerts or triggers, which is why a third-party home monitoring service is so important. Let the experts at EMS Systems, Inc. monitor your home while you're away, so you can focus on what you're doing, free of worrying about potential false-positive alerts at your home or business. More importantly, make sure you have the right company monitoring your alarm while you are home, so in the event of an emergency you'll have the reassurance that help is on the way... even if you're not able to call for it.

Monitoring Is Just The Beginning

Monitoring your alerts is just the beginning, the real value of a monitoring service is the added safety and security of having trained professionals at your disposal 24/7. If your home or office is broken into and you're not home, just knowing that your home is being monitored by some of Rochester's top security professionals is priceless. The real value is when you're actually unable to call for help yourself, this is when a home security monitoring service just might save the lives of you, your employees, or your family.

Especially with more sophisticated systems or large office buildings installations, there may be a significant amount of alerts that aren't truly threats. Employees forget key cards, or forget pin numbers, or maybe some burnt baking sets off your fire alarm. No matter the cause, even with the most sophisticated systems accidental triggers will happen occasionally, which can be stressful and distracting. However, with a monitoring service you get an extra hand in helping you manage your home or business security, to weed out false positives helping you focus on only the events that really matter. With the additional layer of monitoring you won't become complacent with your alarm system, keeping your home and family even safer.

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Security System Monitoring

Whether your property is residential or commercial, having the right security monitoring company makes a big difference in the quality of your security whether you are home or not.

Fire Monitoring

Fire and smoke monitoring are an essential part of security system monitoring. Fire monitoring through your security system may include early detection of fire and smoke, which is critical to protecting your home or business from more extensive damage. EMS Systems, Inc. also offers backup monitoring in the event of power loss or loss of phone communication which happens frequently during a fire emergency.

Medical Monitoring

You may not realize that your security system can be especially beneficial in the event of a medical emergency. Whether you want to ensure the safety of an elderly parent, a disabled family member, or even if sudden illness or impairment strikes you, our strategically placed intercoms allow for emergency help to be called even if a phone is out of reach.

Our operators are available 24/7, making this service is invaluable and irreplaceable. Many health insurance programs even provide a substantial reduction in premiums for home and business owners who have their alarm systems monitored thanks to the early notification for emergency medical services for someone in need of medical assistance.

Active Alarm Monitoring

Businesses, in particular, benefit from active alarm monitoring, used in conjunction with our access control system. When properly monitored, business owners are able to know when an employee has armed or disarmed the alarm system which gives an opening and closing time stamp for when employees have come into work or left for the day. Not only will this verify employee attendance and time records, but will also come in handy in the event of a security breach, and can provide important information to narrow down a search done on your surveillance cameras.

Backup Monitoring

A security system usually utilizes a landline to communicate and send signals to the monitoring agency. The landline may be either shared or dedicated. For those that want a full proof system without the worry of if your landline communication is cut (whether purposely or unintentionally), EMS Systems, Inc. offers alternate communication systems as a backup. Either internet communicators or cellular backup communicators are the best way to ensure that your system is fool proof in the event of power loss, a cut phone line, or storms that knock down phone communication.

Environmental Emergencies

Even if your home is not in a floodplain, you may be concerned about your sump pump malfunctioning. Your security system may be able to notify you of a problem quickly after it arises so that you can minimize damage to your home and belongings.

On the commercial side of things, some businesses need to monitor their cooler/freezer temperatures at all times to know if the unit goes over or under the required temperature. If that occurs, the freshness of the product may be compromised. But food isn’t the only investment worth protecting. Computer server rooms, for example, also have a specific temperature range in order for the units to operate correctly. With a properly set up and monitored security system, you can be assured that you will be alerted quickly so that you can save your product (and money) before it’s too late.

Panic Alarms

Any type of business, retail or restaurant, needs to be prepared in the unfortunate event of a robbery. Our panic alarm monitoring is second to none and our staff will work with the authorities to keep your staff and customers as safe as possible during an emergency situation.

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